OLA Release Process


OLA Release Process

Please send completed release requests to wdlaxpresident@gmail.com & zone6lacrossedirector@gmail.com

2022 was our first year back after 2 yrs. of fragmented Return to Activity, Return to Play.  Well established associations were not always able to floor teams in all their divisions.  Players who went to play in the next closest centre because there was no team were not released, they MUST return to their 2020 centre, or if the shut down occurred  prior to them registering in 2020 to their 2019 centre.

The link below is for the ONLY version of a Release Request that will be accepted in 2023.

Please click here to download the 2023 OLA release form from the OLA Website.

Prior to any release request, the player must be registered with the association for the current year. This OLA ‘Release Request Form’ must be used in all cases where a player wishes to be released from his/her current Lacrosse association, to sign and play with another association. The Player, a Parent or Guardian must fully complete the form for it be considered. Please send it via email to the President of the association from which the release is requested, with a copy also being sent to the Zone Director/Commissioner.

For more information, Please see the Ontario Lacrosse Website for the full procedure. Click here for that procedure.

There will be a $25 Hearing fee payable at or before your hearing.